Summer is finally ending. Every morning the cranes remind you of the inevitably approaching autumn gray. Although, this year is extremely hot, even at the end of August, mornings are cold and hazy. As per every year, autumn is the time for preparation. For some, it’s the time for departure. For others, it’s the season of love. Bison bulls are busy flexing muscles to show who is the most important. In this season, bulls (which spend most of their lives in lonely wanderings) start searching for women companionship. Since competition is big, they fight for the position of a herd bull, and the one who wins receives the whole herd. Bison bulls are bigger than cows. They can weigh about 900 kilograms, and reach a height almost 180 cm in withers. They are characterized by a large disproportion between the front and rear parts of their body. The front is more pronounced with a clearly defined hump with thick hair sometimes resembling a lion’s mane. To present the silhouette of a bison bull, we present a gallery of some real gentlemen.