Since 2005 Western Pomeranian Nature Society has been taking care of free living herds of European Bison in West Pomerania Voivodeship. One of the herds occupies mainly the area of Miroslawiec Forestry and comprises of approximately 90 individuals, while the other one stays mostly within Drawski Military Training Field and numbers about 60 individuals. Bisons came to Miroslawiec Forestry thanks to Professor Ryszard Graczyk, the director of the faculty of zoology at the Agriculture University in Poznan at that time. In 1980 8 individuals from the Bialowieski Forest  were brought to acclimatization enclosure in Walcz Forestry, from where they eventually moved to current home range. Drawsko herd was created in 2008. First, two acclimatization enclosures in Dobrzany and Łobez were settled with 8 bisons each. After leaving the enclosures they united into one herd in which they live together until today.


The “Building of bison exhibition enclosure in Miroslawiec municipality” project was prepared by Western Pomeranian Nature Society, being supported with a subsidy of the Regional Operational Programme of West Pomeranian Voivodeship in 2012. The investment was carried out in “design and build” mode. In February 2013 a construction project was finished and a building permit  issued. Currently, all building units and bison plots are ready. The whole enterprise cost 1 100 000 Polish Zloty, from which sum 825 000 Polish Zloty was funded by Regional Operational Programme of West Pomeranian Voivodeship and 130 000 Polish Zloty by Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Szczecin.  The aim of the project was creating a closed bison enclosure with full auxiliary equipment in Jablonowo, Miroslawiec municipality. Within the framework of the donation for POIS.05.01.00-00-399/12 „Securing the population of European bison in the north and western Poland from tourist pressure” project the enclosure will be enlarged by another 6 hectares (now it is 5,5 hectares of land purchased) and equipped with an observation tower of 9 meter height linked with the main building through a footbridge, 100 meter long and situated 3 meters above the ground. Additionally, there will be built a new educational building unit adjacent to the main building.