Dzika Zagroda is a place where you can stad eye by eye with mysterious predator of our forests and the largest wild mammal in Europe! The first resident of the farm were bisons. The animals that are currently living here came to us in 2014 from the Forest Culture Center in Gołuchów and the show farm in Pszczyna. Apart from watching, visitors have the unique opportunity to feed the “king of the forest” by bisons dainty – apples and carrots. From December 2015, lynx joined  to animals in Dzika Zagroda. These “polish pantera” are part of the POIS.02.04.00-00-0143 / 16 project “Return of the lynx to north-west Poland”. Predators can be observed from the aboveground footbridge and the educational path. A guide is assigned to guests who tells about animals in Zagroda . Welcome!

Dzika zagroda is a big complex that includes:

– Porch, where it is possible to see european bisons from near and safety distance and feed them;

– Sight terrace;

– 100m long footbridge above the ground from where you can see lynx and european bison;

– 9m tall tower;

– 250m long educational pathway on which you can take a breath, hear more stories and for groups there is also fireplace.

When the weather is not too nice, still visitors can look at european bison through big windows in educational part of our farmhouse where you can find also big conference room. Moreover we are sharing view of the european bison from cameras in 3 points.

Dzika zagroda wellcomes all interested people in:

April to October from 10am to 6pm

November to March from 10am to 4pm

– on every Monday it`s closed

Attention! Cashier is closed 30 minutes before closing time.

All groups that would like to come to us are asked to arrange a visit on particular date and hour. For that groups we provide educational classes and a fireplace.



Reduced ticket (children above 3 years old, students,  people above 70 years old)

8 zł


Normal ticket

10 zł


Family ticket (2+2 – parents with children)

29 zł


Group ticket 

with campfire

6 zł/per person

9 zł/ per person

Weekend entries in the summer season take place every 20 minutes:

10:00 ; 10:20 ; 10:40

11:00 ; 11:20 ; 11:40

12:00 ; 12;20 ; 12:40

13:00 ; 13:20 ; 13:40

14:00 ; 14:20 ; 14:40

16:00 ; 16:20 ; 16:40

15:00 ; 15:20 ; 15:40

17:00 ; 17:20 ; 17:30