Logo Miroslawiec

Community  and town Miroslawiec is located in north-west part of Poland in West Pomerania. It is area with beautiful relief and unique benefits of environment and landscape.  Unaffected by civilization forests, lakes, sanctuaries „Wielki Bytyń” i „Rosiczki Mirosławskie” makes this amazing turistic place. It is possible to see „face to face” european bison – in forest with herd or in enclosure in Jablonowo. To Miroslawiec it is good to come if you want to regenerate.  Turists that are looking for peace, nature and like to spend  free time outside will be satisfied here. For people that preffer to spend time active, Miroslawiec can offer bicycle rides, off-road, motocross or water sports.

Community area is 203 km2

Population:  5.6k citizens (town: 3.1k, community: 2.5k)

Miroslawiec community helps Zachodniopomorskie Towarzystwo Przyrodnicze group Zubry Zachodniopomorskie.


Zoo im. Stefana Milera is the only one zoological garden in Lubuskie Province. In total area covers  14 hectares but visitors can enter to area on 9.5 hectares. You can see there 1484 animals that belongs to 230 species.  We are inviting to see website http://www.zoo.zamosc.pl/ and to visit this place.


Actually it is the oldest ZOO in Poland. Area is 33 hectares. You  can see there 12000 animals that belongs to 1100 species. Visit website on http://www.zoo.wroclaw.pl/ .

Established in 1938. First animal that was there is deer Boruta, which came to the center of the city and were cought on Reymont square. Area is 17 hectares. You can see 376 species. More information on http://www.zoo.lodz.pl/.


In Munich Zoo animals are segregated by continents like in wild life. Above 480 species of animals lives there on 36 hectares area. Website in german and English you can find on http://www.hellabrunn.de/.


Osrodek Kultury in Miroslawiec is self-government insitution of culture functioning in Miroslawiec community. This centre is arranging many activities around the town for example European bison festival. More information on http://www.okwm.pl.