Thank you :)

14 February 2017

European bisons from Dzika Zagroda in Jablonowo once again got presents in the form of carrots from International and social help beside German Red Cross in Werne.

In the name of our animals we would like to heartily thank to Mr Willy Klingbeil and Mrs Aleksandra Smaga :) !

It is cold everywhere

8 February 2017

Winter settle down here and we miss warmer weather. Our animals bravely stand this conditions. For the youngest it`s first winter in their lifes, but we can see that they like it. On that pictures we are presenting you youngsters with their nanny – Myszka. Also in nature we can observe cow that take care of „european bison`s kindergarden”.


25 January 2017

New resident of Dzika Zagroda meets his neighbor – Paula.

On last Thursday to our lynxes living in Dzika Zagroda joined Cysorz, which came to us from Vienna. Like you can see on the video from phototrap, Cysorz is interested in new enclose, but he needs little bit more time to settle down here. We hope that it is gonna be as short as it is possible :)

Enclose in winter time

4 January 2017

In this month it should be real winter and lower temperaure. Today weather is not too nice for us and also for animals. But it`s good that they are better prepared than human to undergo hard conditions. Our eauropean bisons and lynxes are „wearing” winter fur, which is secluding very well from cold and wind. Moreover the colours of lnxes are changing. We can see that fur of lynxes is more brighter than in summer and european bison`s is getting darker except mane.

We are showing few pictures of enclose in winter scenery :)

(PL) Przerwa świąteczna

20 December 2016


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